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Fun little reminder from Canva ✨ I've DEFINITELY made more than this overall, but since creating a premium account for my business I've been using it non-stop! I'll be updating with a 500 achievement tomorrow 😜

A pink medal with the words "200 Canva" on it. Shows the Sammy Jane Studio logo with the following text underneath:  Congratulations on creating 200 designs in Canva. Another big achievement in your design journey.
200 Graphics in canva

In all seriousness, this program has saved my brain. I still make custom graphics through Photoshop, Procreate, etc., but having a place where I can keep brands, images, logos, and templates neatly organized has made this program one of my business's biggest resources. Thanks, Canva!]

The Instagram bio may be short and sweet, but there is a LOT of value there. Each little section can be optimized to improve your SEO, brand, and outreach. Here are a few things to consider when writing out your bio!


Use targeted terms in your name! It's not just the bio itself that gets the attention and adding to your name will boost your SEO.

Example > Sammy Jane (social media wizard)


Link In Bio

The Bio Itself

What are some ways you optimize your bio? What's your favorite social media platform? Let me know in the comments! <3

  • Writer's pictureSam Szentmik

Stationery is my first love. I have a craft room full of colorful paper, unused journals, puffy pens, and more. I love making homemade cards and envelopes. This is kind of where the Cricut became my second love..

Happy World Stationery Day! It may not be a super well-known day, but it's still important to fellow crafty lovers out there!

Also - did you know I have some stickers in my shop??

I'm switching over to digital templates but I still love stickers and the like! Take a gander ->

Have an awesome day!

Candy Cotton
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