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2023 Profile Pic & Cover Photo Sizes

New year, who 'dis? – every social media platform ever...probably.

I feel like every time I get the sizing right for an image, it changes. Here is the latest size chart for 2023!

Separated by Platform


Cover Photo

​1500 x 500 px

Profile Pic

​400 x 400 px


Cover Photo

​851 x 315 px

Profile Pic

170 x 170 px


Channel Banner

​2048 x 1152 px

Profile Pic

​800 x 800 px


Personal Profile Banner

​1584 x 396 px

Personal Profile Pic

​400 x 400 px

Company Page Banner

​1128 x 191 px

Company Page Profile Pic

​300 x 300 px


Profile Pic

320 x 320 px

Cover Photo


What's your favorite social media platform right now? I'm still a fan of good ol' YouTube!

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