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Where the heck did my Canva logos folder go?! Step-by-step to get it back.

What will you design today? Anything without my logo I guess.

I've noticed that some people have lost their logo folders in Canva. Apparently, this is something that came with a recent update. No matter! It hasn't been permanently removed from your work space. Here is how to get it back into your sidebar:

1. Go into any of your existing projects or start a new one.

2. Click "Apps" on the left-hand sidebar.

Once you click this, the column will expand to show some options. You should see something like this (ha, a panda surfing a wave):

3. Scroll on this menu to "More from Canva". Click the "Logos" icon.

That's it! You should be able to access your logo folder again at anytime. Hope this helped!

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